Substrates & Peat

Crop Minerals & Materials

Tuberas del Buyo y Gistral SA, our subsidiary company, focuses on the development of minerals and materials to improve crops and develop green spaces.

Turberas produces its own black and brown peat soil, which is the base of all the blends. The peat soil is available in three types:

  • Black peat:H7-H8 according to Von Post Scale.
  • Brown peat:H5-H7 according to Von Post Scale.
  • Blond peat:H2-H4 according to Von Post Scale.

Each of these peats have different features as they are available in different decomposition stages. Blond peats are the least decomposed and provide a medium level of fibrousness, allowing better permeability. Brown peats (intermediate in decomposition) don’t have that much good air and water retention properties. Black peats (highly decomposed) are high in humic and fulvic acids.

Hence, generally these pets should be mixed, even with other minerals and materials that meet the requirements of any growth medium.

Like us, Turbera has a broad portfolio of minerals and materials ideal for many applications. They also enhance the substrates based on the type of peat soil.

  • Worm Hummus.
  • Zeolite.
  • Coco peat.
  • Composted pine bark.
  • Perlite.
  • Vermiculite.
  • Silicon Sand.

Green Areas

Turbera’s brown peat soil is the only Iberian peat used by the United States Golf Association (USGA). This means it’s the most suitable medium for lawn growing. It provides exceptional features for the tees in the golf courses and for any sport course of natural lawn.

Additionally, Turberas offers a high-quality zeolite specific for this kind of golf courses that improves yield growing.

Blend Services & Technical products

Within our designed products, we offer broad range of products in bulk, Big Bags or bags:

  • Seeding substrate:An optimal blend. 50/50% black and blond peat soil. Sieving: lower than 10 mm.
  • Lawn Top Soil substrate:A mix of black peat soil and silicon sand.

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