Animal Production Additives

Animal feed solutions to improve livestock nutrition and performance

Tolsa offers a complete range of additives for the animal feed industry especially developed and manufactured to improve feed quality, and thus, the livestock nutrition and performance of animals.

Our range of products for feed and premixes provides solutions to different requirements from the animal husbandry industry. Our portfolio includes, among others: binders, anticaking agents, suspending/emulsifying additives, mycotoxin binders and hygienic additives. 

All our products are made from different natural clay minerals, and their constant use generates enhanced animal performance and brings economic benefits for farmers and feed manufacturers.


Tolsa binders boost pellet durability by actively improving the adhesion between feed particles during the compaction process in the pelleting equipment.

This minimizes fines production and reduces water losses in the final feed, resulting in increased productivity of the feed mill. Additionally, the use of our binders increases the flexibility of the feed formulation, allowing for a greater presence of liquid ingredients like amino acids, surfactants, enzymes, oil, and molasses, among others, without a negative effect on pellet quality.


  • Nutritional benefits.
  • Reduce contamination in animal beds.
  • Overall improvement of the animal’s welfare.
  • Increased pellet durability and quality.
  • Improved production performance.
  • Reduced percentage of fines.
  • Easier moisture addition.
  • Improved pellet’s ability to withstand transport and handling without breaking up, to avoid rejections of the final product after multiple manipulations: fewer fines and anticaking effect.


  • Premix carrier. 
  • Better mixing.
  • Increase premix stability. 
  • Shelf life stability. 
  • Pelleted and mash feed. 
  • Reduce wet bedding. 
  • Increase flexibility of formulation.
  • Increase animal performance

Anti-caking Additives

Tolsa anticaking additives have a high capacity for moisture retention, providing flowing aid to the feed formula when going through the production process.

They are also suitable carriers for feeds, premixes and supplements. This is because there’s no chemical interaction with other ingredients and because they facilitate a homogeneous mixing and distribution of all feed components (solids, liquids, trace elements, etc.). It could be used in supplements/animal nutrition additives or in mash.


  • Suitable excipient and carrier for premixes, supplements, and additives.
  • Chemically inert.
  • Appropriate density for premixes.
  • Total absence of powder/dust.
  • Increased flowability: This facilitates handling and transportation, avoids feed sticking in the silo, and prevents caking during storage.
  • Easier addition of fats, molasses, or liquid additives to the feed formula.
  • Reduced fungus contamination.


  • Flowability of mixes.
  • Better mixing.
  • Anticaking agent.
  • Uniformity.
  • Reduce wet bedding.
  • Increase flexibility of formulation.
  • Increase animal performance.


Tolsa emulsifiers consist of liquid feed systems, which could be difficult to manage due to the decantation risk of the solid components of the mix and the subsequent non-uniform nutrient distribution in the feeder.

Tolsa emulsifiers are high-purity mineral-based products with exceptional suspension properties, also known as rheological properties, which allow for a uniform and stable feed even at low product dosages. In addition, these products have a very high water retention capacity, adsorbing more than six times their volume.Combined, all these characteristics allow for easy digestion. This leads to increased average daily weight gain and better consistency of faeces, accelerating growth and improving the animals’ conversion index.

Our emulsifiers also play an important role as fat emulsifiers, improving the mix of the oils in the animal feed with the other ingredients.


  • Improved liquid feed quality and homogeneity.
  • Proper suspension of feed ingredients in the formula avoids decantation.
  • More ingredient distribution avoiding blockages.
  • Better functioning of the feeding system.
  • More flexible ingredient dilution ratios.
  • Enhanced batch homogeneity.
  • Effective emulsification of fats.
  • Better food distribution in the feeding troughs: prevents the animal from stressing about accessing the food.
  • Better intestinal transit: Liquid feed is easier to digest.
  • Reduced microbial contamination in pipes, tubes and troughs.
  • Improved prevention of diarrhoea and increased consistency of faeces.
  • 50% reduction in expenses on lactation medication.


  • For use in any liquid or dry feeding system. 
  • Prevents sedimentation.
  • Increases palatability in feeds for early stages, mil replacers and formulas. 
  • Also valid in drinking water.

Aquaculture Solutions

Fish feed requires having a particular texture and size to facilitate proper ingestion of the feed in water and particular mechanical stress resistance characteristics.

We have developed a premix of carefully selected clays for aquaculture to achieve the best quality in fish feed. The usage of our products in aquaculture ensures the fish feed pellets meet the appropriate quality parameters such as durability and hardness while decreasing fat leaching. Therefore, our aquaculture additives provide nutritional benefits to the fish and reduce water contamination.

We provide natural and cost-efficient alternatives to other additives, offering incredible benefits and significant savings in fish feed formulation products.


  • Enables the use of pellets with greater length.
  • Improved pellet resistance to withstand transport and handling without
  • damage: Reduced percentage of fines.
  • Moisture and fat addition into the formula.
  • Reduces fat leaching of fish feed pellets.
  • Improved production performance.
  • Enhanced control of sinking pellet rate in both fresh & saltwater environments.


  • To reduce the fat leached in pellets with high content of fat during extreme conditions of storage.
  • High sinking rate even in salt and cold water.
  • Species that feed while the pellet is sinking
  • High quality and high efficiency at low inclusion rates.
  • High efficiency pelletized for compound feed with large diameter.
  • Maintaining the compound feed integrity once the pellets into the water.

Mycotoxin Binders

We develop our nutraceutical additives to enhance animal nutrition, including the prevention and/or treatment of diseases.

Animals will benefit from a better digestion process and improved overall animal welfare, resulting in a better conversion index and tangible nutritional and productive added value. Tolsa mycotoxin binders are powerful bentonite-based additives and premixes that effectively bind against a broad range of mycotoxins.


  • Natural solutions.
  • Absorbtion of a wide range of mycotoxins: from aflatoxin and non-polar mycotoxins (FUM, ZEA, OTA) to trichothecenes (DON, T2, HT2 and DAS).
  • No interference with other additives and nutrients.
  • Free of pollutants.
  • Integrated into the feed.


  • Mycotoxin adsorbent.
  • Animal production performance enhancer
  • Livestock nutrition improver
  • Control of reproductive problems produced by mycotoxins.
  • Reduction of mycotoxins transferring into the food chain.

Hygienic Additives

Our clay-based hygienic additives have been developed to improve animal welfare, focusing on maintaining the sanitary conditions of their bedding space.

This translates into disease prevention and enhanced animal performance (conversion index). These additives are made from our extraordinary sepiolite, a unique clay. It is unique because of its peculiar characteristics and high-water absorption capacity. Tolsa sepiolite-based products are designed to improve hygiene in animal litter products and as desiccant, increasing animal welfare and comfort.

Our hygienic products also reduce ammonia emissions from animal faeces. This improves environmental quality at the farm and helps protect the environment in general.


  • Moisture control of the bedding space.
  • Control of unpleasant smells.
  • Simple handling.
  • Chemically inert: Bio-secured products.
  • Do not cause breathing problems.
  • No effect on carcass quality.
  • Not harmful to animal skin.
  • No risk at all if ingested.
  • Hinder of claw lesions.
  • Control and prevention of microbial contamination: Salmonella or E. Coli.
  • It can be used as a fertilizer once breeding has finished or requires removal or replacement.
  • Moisture control of litter space.
  • Control of ammonia emissions and unpleasant smells.
  • Not harmful to animal skin and mucous.
  • Control and prevention of microbial contamination: Salmonella or E. Coli.
  • No risk at all if ingested.


  • Improving the hygiene on animal bedding and housing
  • Increase animal comfort
  • Dryer of new-born animals

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