Agro Additives

Natural solutions to grow your agriculture business faster

Tolsa Industrial Products offers a complete range of additives for the agriculture industry, specifically developed to increase crop yielding.

Our solutions include pellet binders, carriers, anti-caking and suspension agents, among other soil improvement additives. All our agricultural products are made from natural clay minerals. Their continued use generates performance improvements on soil quality and plant and seed growth, and provide economic benefits to crop production.

Our products can be incorporated in dry powder, concentrated pre-gel or concentrated dispersion formulas.

Fertiliser Additives

Under the MINCROP® brand, we offer a full range of additives to cover the needs of both liquid and solid granular fertilisers.


  • Liquid systems: It provides suspension and high stability properties, reducing precipitation of liquid fertilisers during storage and enabling adaptation of soil additives to wide pH and temperature ranges.
  • Solid systems: It provides a support function for solid fertilisers, agrochemicals and phytosanitary products.

Suspension Fertilisers

MINCROP® products are incorporated in suspension fertilisers to ensure the homogeneity of the liquid formula, avoid precipitation of the solid particles during storage, and provide exceptional spray properties.


  • Homogeneity of the liquid formula: It ensures that every particle of the fertiliser has the same composition.
  • Prevention of syneresis during storage: It facilitates re-dispersion of suspended solids in the fertiliser, reducing energy consumption needs for the process.
  • Exceptional spray properties: Easier application (irrigation) process to deliver plant nutrients more efficiently.

Granular Fertilisers

MINCROP® additives have great absorption and moisture retention properties.


  • Absorption capacity: It provides better adhesion of fertiliser particles during granulation, enhancing pellet stability and durability in granular fertilisers (binder agents). Fines and dust generation are reduced, improving the appearance of final products.
  • Moisture retention properties: It provides flowing aid to the fertiliser formula during the granulation process (anti-caking effect).

Phytosanitary & Pesticide Carriers

Due to their chemically inert nature, MINCROP® additives can be used as suitable carriers for the active ingredients present in the formula of phytosanitary and bio-stimulant products.


  • Easier handling of the active ingredients: It converts liquid or sticky elements into dry granules.
  • Provides granule stability and durability: Reducing fines and dust generation.
  • Allows manufacturing of free-flowing formulations even at high doses of active ingredients (high moisture retention capacity).

Our MINCROP® carriers for phytosanitary products are dust-free.

Crop Substrate Additives

MINCROP® series for substrates have been developed to enhance the overall quality of the growing media.

Even when used at low dosages, MINCROP® will deliver exceptional benefits to support plant growth.


  • Increased substrate water-holding and nutrient storage capacity to accelerate the humidification process of the substrates and improve their overall quality.
  • Improved substrate consistency and durability, maintaining the cohesion of substrate blocks in pressed pots and other formats (plugs), and allowing black peat replacement by white peat or other materials.

Seed Coating Additives

MINCROP® additives for seed coating have been developed to provide perfect seed handling. Thanks to their water retention capacity and their lack of interaction with other chemical components, our clay-based products can be used as carriers of essential substances and as a source of rehydration for the substrate.

These properties will operate during the storing and germination process of the seeds, enhancing final crop yielding and quality.


  • Good pelletising capacity: Enhanced particle adhesion to provide the seed shape required.
  • Better pellet durability, reducing fines and dust formation.
  • Pellet breaks easily once you wet it (swelling capacity).

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