Civil Engineering

We help you reduce execution time in all types of civil engineering works and terrains.

We offer an exclusive range of additives for drilling and sealing muds that reduce the execution times in all types of works and terrains.

Special Foundations

Foundation construction techniques have evolved significantly due to the construction of large infrastructures and buildings.


  • Easy dispersion in water.
  • Resistant to brackish water/saltwater.
  • Fast hydration.
  • High-quality Bentonite with balanced rheological properties.
  • Wide range of additives: Curing retarders, accelerators, and others.
  • Compatible with cementitious products.
  • Products made of sepiolite clay with rheological properties, ideal for saline environments.
  • Excellent carrying capacity.
  • Rapid dispersion.


  • Construction of large infrastructures and buildings.

Environmental Remediation

TOLSA Industrial Products offers tailor-made solutions for selective molecule removal from contaminated terrain. Our solutions include waste inerting, landfill waterproofing and land decontamination.

Our main activity focuses on developing waterproofing solutions for different environmental projects, from landfill waterproofing (mainly urban and hazardous waste) to landfill sealing and decontamination of land through active barriers.

Some environmental remediation projects in which in-situ treatments are needed (due to level of danger, volume, etc.) to control the migration of pollutants for good.


  • Swelling and Viscosity enhancement: Generation of enough hydrostatic pressure on the walls to support excavation.
  • Gel strength and anti-settling improvement: Prevent soil cuttings to settle at the bottom of the trench or borehole.
  • Support for gel structure formation in the interface soil: Prevention of slurry leakage on the surrounding soil.
  • Lubricity enhancement to aid the drilling process.


  • Landfills.
  • Wast inerting.
  • Waterproofing.
  • Decontamination

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