Fire Retardant Synergist

One of the fire-fighting industry challenges is making building evacuation under fire conditions easier and safer.

Devices and structures have to be improved to extend their endurance and keep the emergency systems operating.

Plastic components with ADINS® Technology perform better under fire conditions, enabling compliance with the most stringent international health and safety regulations.

ADINS® products work synergistically with most of the flame retardants included in polymeric and can reduce the consumption of conventional flame retardants, such as ATO.

Dripping, Smoke and Heat Release are considerably reduced using ADINS ® in FR formulations.

ADINS ® products strongly boost char formation during combustion and protect polymers from further fire propagation.

ADINS ® shows the advantages of an inorganic halogen-free technology that guarantees no additional toxic fumes formation and minimal environmental impact.

ADINS ® additives are also used synergistically with intumescent additives to improve the fire retardant properties in Paints and Coating formulations. This reduces costs.

ADINS ® allows reducing Heat Release even in a low dosage and acts like a smoke suppressor.

These additives enhance the mechanical properties of the char layer formed in fire conditions.

ADINS® Clay​

ADINS ® Clay series are additives based on organically modified special silicates for polymers.

ADINS ® Clay products are developed to increase performance in every polymer system. Specially designed to be used in thermoplastics or thermosets, ADINS ® Clay provides adequate flame retardancy, gas barrier or reinforcement.

These benefits have been demonstrated by using standard fire behaviour characterization test methods such as UL-94, Smoke Density Chamber and Cone Calorimeter.

There are several products in the ADINS Clay range, such as ADINS Clay 20, ADINS Clay 80T, or ADINS Clay Sil-1. Their use depends on the formulation and system for which they are used.

  • ADINS ® Clay series are used in several applications for thermoplastics and thermoset polymers, paints, and coating.
  • ADINS ® Clay series act as a synergistic additive in halogen-free systems with different flame retardants (i.e. ATH, MDH, intumescent). ADINS ® Clay enhances the performance of fire retardants, reducing their content, maintaining the flame retardancy behaviour, and improving processability and mechanical properties. ADINS ® Clay reduces fumes formation and helps the dispersion of flame retardants in the polymer.
  • The ADINS ® Clay series allows reducing the content of the flame retardants (halogen or halogen-free) used in the foam, reducing the environmental impact.
  • The dosage depends on the application, system, flame retardant additives and the desired effects.

ADINS® Fireproof

ADINS® Fireproof are ceramifying additives made from a natural silicate activated with different compounds such as bored or phosphorate-based silicate, with low melting point glass.

These compounds reinforce the synergetic effect of the ADINS ® technology with the flame retardant systems due to the low-temperature glass they form after burning by enhancing the consistency of the 3D reinforcing network within the char.

This ceramic char is very stable, consistent and compact. Therefore it’s capable of reducing fire propagation by polymer dripping, minimising heat release, decreasing total Smoke Production and improving the integrity of the material.

The use of ADINS ® Fireproof boosts the performance of Halogen and Halogen Free Flame Retardant systems to the highest levels, enabling your plastic components to pass the most stringent fire requirements.

There are several products inside the ADINS ® Fireproof range, such as ADINS Fireproof 20, ADINS Fireproof 80T, or ADINS Fireproof Sil-1. Its use depends on the formulation and system in which they are incorporated.

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