Industrial Absorbents

Global Spill Management and Prevention Solutions

A complete range of industrial absorbents adapted to our customer requirements.

Tolsa offers an extensive range of specialized absorbents designed to contain spillages of different compositions in any use conditions. 

These range includes traditional granular minerals, calcined, recycled products, vegetal alternatives, polypropylene absorbents and industrial degreasers. Those products fulfill recognized certifications that allow them to be used in the most demanding circumstances.





Chemical & Oil Absorbents

This section includes our Calcined & Natural mineral products.

Our calcined mineral products are effective against all kinds of spillages, such as hydrocarbons, organic solvents, aqueous suspensions, acid, and alkaline compounds.

These products provide excellent performance on the most demanding industrial and professional sectors, even when high levels of quality and maximum safety are required.

Additionally, our calcined mineral products deliver a premium final surface cleaning since no traces of absorbent remain after product application, as well as proven skid resistance properties for extra safety.

The natural mineral product range consists of sepiolite and attapulgite grades, compatible with oil spills, hydrocarbons, organic solvents, aqueous suspensions, and alkaline compounds. With great absorption performances, our mineral products are one of our most versatile solutions.

Special Absorbents

This range includes multiuse absorbent products and organic products.

The multiuse absorbent range includes alganite products, which are a byproduct of other industrial activities, making them a sustainable and versatile solution with great absorption capacities, minor dust emissions, and lightweight properties (easy-to-transport). In addition, alganite products can absorb most discharges and liquid spills (except acids).

Organic absorbents are ecological high-quality vegetal absorbents made from fireproof sawdust. It is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including environments where the use of fire-resistant products is required.

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