Filtration, Purification & Clarification

Highly adsorptive clays that remove undesirable substances in industrial filtration & purifications processes

We provide a wide range of products under continuous development, designed to meet the needs in different refining and purification markets, including petrochemical, mineral oil regeneration, beverages, waste treatment and wastewater treatment.

Our mineral deposits, combined with our knowledge on clay processing allow us to offer an extensive range of solutions to those industries including purification stages of their feed or residues.



Kerosene & Jet fuel filtration

The specifications for transportation fuels have changed significantly over the last decades worldwide, with increasingly stringent legislation enforcing the production of high-quality clean fuels.

We offer a range of natural and calcined granular clay products specifically developed to for the jet fuel sweetening process (Merox purification technologies). Our filtration products efficiently remove impurities by adsorption, obtaining high quality and clean fuel that will perform better while complying with the latest legislation requirements.

Thanks to the availability of our products in different particle sizes and our selection of raw materials ― sepiolite and attapulgite grades ― our products remove effectively jet fuel and kerosene contaminants such as water traces, metals, surfactants, colour compounds and solid particles, among others.

Industrial Oils Filtration

Both fresh mineral oils and used ones need to be treated in order to remove solids and other impurities such as moisture, sulfur, metal traces, oxidation compounds and turbidity.

Filtration stages extend the lubricant and dielectric oil life, maintaining equipment protected from premature failure, and thus, saving operating costs. 

Our Minclear grades can be used to purify the majority of new and used oils, making them the ideal option for industrial oils filtration and purification.

Thanks to their high porosity and surface area, our product range offers excellent adsorbent characteristics to clarify and purify petrochemical derivatives. They remove color, smell and other impurities such as colloidal suspensions, organic products, aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocycles, among other impurities.

Oil regeneration allows lube oils, lubricants, hydraulic oils, and other oil bases to be reintroduced on the market, reducing the carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable industry.

Gas Purification

Clays are widely used as adsorbents due to their selective adsorption, catalytic, filtration, and ion-exchanging properties.

Our portfolio offers specifically selected clay-based filtration products that provide substantial adsorptive capacity for gases and water vapors. They efficiently remove the volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC) produced by exhaust fumes. This cleaning process results in a more homogenized and stable final gas composition, preventing certain risks and accidents such as explosions.

Our products can be combined with other components, such as zeolites and activated carbon, to customize the adsorbent’s properties to the specific demands of each application and equipment

In addition, our products can adsorb the ethylene gas produced by fruits after harvest, thus enabling storage atmosphere control to prevent the ripening process.

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