Bleaching Earths

Wide portfolio of bleaching earths made from highly adsorptive clays

Over the years, we have developed a full range of bleaching earths, including Natural Bleaching Earths (NABE), Surface Modified Bleaching Earths (SMBE) and High Performance Bleaching Earths (HPBE).

We are experts in bleaching earths based on highly adsorptive clays (bentonite, sepiolite and attapulgite) formed by small particles with highly porous inner structure, which are very active in terms of interaction with other particles organic compounds.

Our wide range of products allow us to offer the best solution for each customer, based on its needs and the desired performance required. 

Our portfolio includes products with neutral pH, organic acid activated clays and sulfuric acid activated products, with different levels of activation. We also offer combinations with activated carbon.

Our products are designed to provide great filtration rates and easy dispersion on the oils or fats.

Edible Oils Bleaching

MINCLEAR® bleaching earths are used in the refining process of vegetable oils and animal fats, providing effective solutions to suit customer needs.

Our product range includes natural or thermally/physically treated bleaching earths, different acid-activated grades, as well as acid-leached bleaching earths. Our wide portfolio, based on different clay raw materials, combined with our acid activation technologies, allow us to provide the perfect product for each customer and each kind of vegetable oil: Palm, soybean, rapeseed, sunflower, coconut, corn, pomace and olive oils, among others.


  • Reduction of color by adsorption of chlorophylls, carotenoids and other pigments.
  • Removal of oxidation compounds and free fatty acids, preventing oil degradation, improving flavor, taste and shelf life of the final product.
  • Adsorption of trace components that affect the efficiency of the refining process and the quality of the final oil: soaps, phospholipids, sulfur compounds and metal traces.
  • Excellent filtration rates, allowing to increase each filtration cycle, reducing maintenance stops.

Low oil retentions on the filter cake, reducing oil losses during the refining

Biofuel Pretreatment

MINCLEAR® selective adsorbents have been developed to offer the best metal removals on FAME and HVO process, increasing feedstock quality before the main catalytic stages. 


  • High efficiency removing phospholipids, metal traces  and other impurities through adsorption and ion exchange mechanisms (P, Ca, Al, Fe, Ni, S, Na, Cu, etc).
  • High filtration rate capacity: Minclear® products have been designed to offer the greatest filtration rates possible, while offering a great detachment of the filter cake from the filtration leaves, avoiding maintenance issues during the processing.
  • Low values of feedstock retention in clay, maximizing production.
  • Several products available in our portfolio in order to adapt to customer requirements and feedstock specifications.

Paraffin & Wax Refining

MINCLEAR® bleaching earth range includes specific solutions for the refining of paraffin and waxes from different origins.

Based on selected clay minerals, we have developed a complete range of natural and activated bleaching earths to purify those raw materials by reducing their color, smell, PAH content (Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons) and other undesired substances.


  • Thanks to their high porosity and surface area, our products act as efficient adsorbents removing colloids, oxidation compounds, organic acids, and aromatic hydrocarbons, among other impurities.
  • Our products possess great permeabilities, achieving great filtration rates and low retentions of paraffin on the filter cake.

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