The Société Sénégalaise des Phosphates de Thiès joined the Tolsa group in 1998, although it already had a long history in the country. This week we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of its constitution.

During the month of December and coinciding with the feast of Saint Barbara, patron of miners, we had the great pleasure of celebrating the 75th anniversary of our Senegalese subsidiary, the Société Sénégalaise des Phosphates de Thiès, also known as SSPT.

SSPT was founded in February 1948, which gives us the honour of being one of the oldest companies in Senegal, but it took 50 years for it to join the Tolsa family, and today it is a key pillar in our value chain and a source of pride.

About Société Sénégalaise des Phosphates de Thiès

The SSPT’s core business is the extraction and production of attapulgite in bulk for the group’s European subsidiaries. The head office and port facilities are located in Dakar, while the extraction and manufacturing sites are located in the town of Thiès.

The SSPT has a team of 70 men and women, many of whom are strongly committed to the CSR project led by the company, which aims to address the real needs of the community.

Each year, depending on the priorities and social demand, different actions are activated which are always related to 3 basic pillars:

– Guaranteeing access to education and promoting employment.

– Health monitoring and improvement.

– Development of the ecosystem and improvement of biodiversity.

You can learn more about our social SCR projects in Senegal and our commitments to the SDGs on our website or in our Sustainability Report.