TOLSA's Energy Efficiency Plan continues its transition to sustainable energy | TOLSA

TOLSA’s Energy Efficiency Plan continues its transition to sustainable energy | TOLSA


In our ongoing transition to clean and renewable energy, we aim to find the most efficient and sustainable energy model.

We work to reduce and optimise our energy sources by testing them and combining different types of renewable energy.

Tolsa is proud to share the results of our pilot PV plant that we commissioned in 2022.

Our PV plant is meeting all expectations and today we can say that 10% of the electricity consumed by our treatment plant in Madrid comes exclusively from our solar panels.

These panels were installed on the roof of one of our facilities, allowing us to use an accessible and generally underutilised space without occupying and spoiling other spaces that we currently use as green and landscaped areas. We believe using roofs is the most efficient solution, so we are planning new expansions on similar surfaces.

This isn’t the only measure we have put in place. Among other energy saving actions, we have switched to LED lights and have created a project for heat insulation. With this project we hope to improve the efficiency of our mineral dryers, a process that already features the natural pre-drying of our minerals using with thermal techniques, i.e. natural drying by direct exposure to the sun in our mines. This process allows us to reduce the moisture in our ores by up to 40%.

Thanks to all these measures, we have reduced our Scope 2 emissions (these include emissions generated by the use of electricity) by 16% since 2019 according to the Verification of Non-Financial information Report 2022.

Without a doubt, every little piece helps us reduce our environmental footprint, which is why we hope to expand our PV plant in the years to come because we believe and wish to prove that sustainable mining is possible.

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