Tolsa: Much more than a mining company

Throughout our 65 years in business, we at Tolsa have never stopped growing – expanding all over the world thanks to an innovative spirit and the capacity to reinvent ourselves, day after day. Along the way, we’ve put people at the core of our business and understood that the work we carry out only makes sense if we generate a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.

That’s why, for a long time, we’ve wanted to go beyond extraction and offer real solutions to improve lives – without ever forgetting our mining roots. Today, these solutions form an inseparable part of Tolsa and a source of pride for the whole company, as we succeed in our goal of offering value throughout the entire production process, from extraction right through to the end product. Do you know which solutions we’re talking about?

The Adins family: Functional Additives

You can’t see them, but our ADINS can be found in hundreds of the materials with which you interact on a daily basis. Through our technology, we develop additives based on our minerals for a range of applications, offering high added value to the various materials to which they are incorporated.

Take the additives in our ADINS Flame Retardancy range for example, which, when incorporated in polymeric matrices and together with other flame retardants, improve fire resistance, delaying and reducing smoke emission – a fundamental aspect in case of fire.

We also offer our ADINS Protection antimicrobials, which extend the useful life of materials, acting against bacteria, viruses and fungi for various applications, from textiles, mortars or paint and coatings.

Finally, ADINS Clean is a photocatalytic additive with great potential for both environmental and urban applications. When added to facades and roads, for example, this solution facilitates the breakdown of organic contaminants present in the atmosphere and transforms the materials to which it is incorporated into self-cleaning surfaces, through the power of sunlight.

We bring value to industries of all kinds: Industry Solutions

The products in our Adins range are not the only additives we produce to improve other products and, as a result, make our lives easier or safer. Pangel, Cimsil, Berkbent, Hybond and Pansil are the brand names under which

we market our solutions to the industry. What’s more, we not only market products, we customise, advise and support each business in order to adapt the solution to their precise needs. Our goal: to make the work of these companies more efficient.

Thanks to this customisation of services, these additives serve a wide variety of applications. Among other solutions, we offer products for civil engineering, drilling processes, smelting, paper and construction materials like mortar, cement and concrete.

Experts in filtration, purification and decolouration: Environmental

As well as representing one of the key pillars of Tolsa, our commitment to caring for the environment extends to one of the company’s various solution departments. Our employees at Minclear and Absonet are dedicated to developing clay-based solutions to help companies across the world become more efficient and respectful of their environments.

On the one hand, the clay-derived additives that we develop are used in both the prevention and the cleaning and containment of industrial spills, such as oils, fuels or other similar products. We also specialise in the manufacture of bleaching earth used to filter oils for human consumption, waxes and biodiesel. Another application concerns the filtration and purification of various liquids and gases for industrial use.

Growing through research: Life Science

The solutions we at Tolsa offer can also be applied in the agricultural and animal-feed industry. This is all possible thanks to the work of our Exal, Atox, SPLF, Floricat and Mincrop brands, who continually innovate to allow us to enjoy the very best of the land in total safety and efficiency: for us, for the animals and for the environment. Atox, Axal and SPLF help the animal-production industry to become safer and more efficient.

Mincrop, on the other hand, develops solutions for the agricultural industry – such as fertiliser additives.

And, in your homes for 65 years: Pet Care

Perhaps the solution for which Tolsa is most well-known, given its commercial nature, is the production of cat litter, which we have been developing and optimising for 60 years now, making us a world leader in the sector thanks to Sanicat.

Sanicat offers a wide range of high-quality clumping and non-clumping litter to effectively control malodour. Well worth noting is our range of plant-based litter, made using raw materials based on corn, cellulose and wood, among others, as an alternative to our minerals – all natural and environmentally friendly. What’s more, we offer similar solutions for other pets, such as Sanibird, producing litter to line bird cages, or Sanilove, with a whole range of specific products for the domestic cleaning of homes with pets.

A mining company, and much more

Sixty five years of innovation have made us world leaders and pioneers in the extraction and transformation of minerals into solutions, both industrial and for the consumer. It is this unconventional spirit that defines us and drives us to carve out new paths in the search for new solutions through which to continue creating value for society: that which has made us much more than a mining company.