Tolsa commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

Tolsa consolidates its commitment to sustainability and reduces 64% of its SCOPE 1 emissions in 2022

At TOLSA, we’re dedicated to achieving a positive impact on society through the responsible use of 21st-century resources.

We believe that sustainable mining is possible and, as such, as well as holding the certifications to prove it, we are committed to the CO2 emission reduction targets defined in the Paris agreement.

What sustainable actions do we carry out to meet our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint?

When Tolsa committed to the aim of reducing 55% of greenhouse-gas emissions by 2030, we did so with the conviction to go even further. In our case, we moved the base year from 1990 to 2019, opting for an even more ambitious target.

Our sustainable-growth strategy includes some huge challenges:

  • Energy efficiency in our processes.
  • Minimising and ensuring the proper use of fossil fuels.
  • Incorporating renewable energy sources.
  • Reforestation actions for degraded or desertified areas, expanding our forests as CO2 sinks, through our TOLSA Forest programme.

As a result of this strategy and thanks to the effort of the Tolsa team, we have been able to get ahead of and exceed our goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 55%.

Tolsa has also been able to reduce 65% of its SCOPE 1 emissions in 2022, compared to 2019. And we have the data to back it up:

KPI 2-emissions SCOPE 1 ( Tn CO2 / Tn produced)
*Data verified annually by an independent third party as part of the verification phase of the Non-Financial Reporting.







A step further: our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.

However, at Tolsa, we understand that the goal is to achieve absolute “0”, which is why we actively participate in programmes and initiatives that promote the reduction of emissions  and the industry’s transformation towards more sustainable models.

United Nations’ Global Compact Initiative

One example of this is our participation in the “Climate Ambition Accelerator“ launched by the  UN Global Compact).

The aim of the United Nations’ Global Compact is to create an international movement that encourages companies and organisations to align their strategies and operations in terms of sustainability. This commitment must be based on the 10 universal principles regarding Human Rights, labour standards, the environment, the fight against corruption and the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

 European mining industry associations

Tolsa also forms part of European industry associations such as IMA, in which we work to define the LCI, seeking to define action points within our value chain as precisely as possible.

Likewise, we also collaborate in the IMA’s CO2 Roadmap to measure our industry impact, reduce it and work on improvement projects by applying the latest advances available at any given time.

Our sustainable-growth strategy is ambitious and Tolsa keeps the Sustainable Development Goals clearly in mind in all our actions – not just in terms of energy efficiency, but also when it comes to social aspects.

At Tolsa, we want to contribute, whether it be directly or indirectly, to creating a more sustainable future for all.

You can find out how Tolsa contributes to achieving the SDGs by consulting our Sustainability Report on or you can follow us on Linkedin.