Sanicat gets Carbon Trust’s Label

Sanicat gets Carbon Trust’s Label on its products manufactured in Madrid

  • The cat litter manufacturer has achieved certification of the products of its Classic and Clumping ranges produced in Spain, which are sold in Western Europe Countries
  • The company has also committed to start progressively the certification process for the products manufactured in other sites in Europe.

Madrid, October 2022.- Sanicat, expert brand in cat litter, has achieved the Carbon Reduction Label from the Carbon Trust, a global climate consultancy, in its Classic and Clumping ranges, which are manufactured in Madrid and mainly sold in Spain and Italy: Classic fragrance free, Lavender and Marseille in their different formats, and Clumping fragrance free, Marseille and Vanilla- Mandarina in their different formats.

To obtain the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label, the total amount of carbon emissions (CO2) produced during the entire manufacturing process of the product, from its materials and manufacture to its transport, use and its lifecycle, is taken into account. In addition to certifying these products, Sanicat has also committed to further reduce emissions over the next 2 years and quantify and certify them again to see what the reduction has been.

“At Sanicat we care about the wellbeing of our planet, so we also strive to continuously improve our logistics and business models to measure and reduce our carbon footprint and social and environmental impact,” explains Anna Toniutti, Consumer Marketing Director at Tolsa. “From now on, our efforts are going to be tracked but we plan to keep improving. In 2023 we want to certify the products made in our factory in France and our goal in the coming years is to extend this plan to all plants where the Sanicat brand is manufactured,” adds.

Sanicat takes another step forward in its commitment to sustainability. In fact, since 2019 the new Sanicat range has been shifting from plastic packaging to fully recyclable and FSC certified paper bags and boxes, thus committing to achieving 0% plastic packaging by using planet friendly packaging alternatives. In addition, the paint used in the packaging is also biodegradable. Because nature and cats are the reason Sanicat exists, and the brand cares for both in the best, most responsible way.