Our new corporate headquarters

We have opened our new corporate headquarters, which are more modern, sustainable and adapt to the present times.

The new office has been designed to create a flexible work environment where space is at the service of people. There are areas for high-focus tasks, brainstorming rooms for coworkers to meet and share ideas, and tables for people to work together.

The agora, which has a vertical garden, is the heart of our company, and it reminds us of the importance of sustainable growth.


Our new office has been conceived as a full digital space, eliminating the physical sheet of paper. We pay special attention to employee health.

In addition to being very versatile, the furniture is ergonomic and sustainable. All our furniture, free of formaldehyde, also has a practically neutral environmental impact in its manufacture.

We’ve designed a sustainable, open and flexible office so that the place where we work is aligned with our purpose and values.
Tolsa Albasanz best represents what TOLSA is and wants to be in the future. We hope our clients and partners can come and visit us soon.