Fighting COVID-19 together

Just like every other company, TOLSA has had to face the COVID-19 virus.

Before governments started to manage the crisis and provide recommendations, we witnessed infection cases at our headquarters. This forced us to activate emergency measures.

We faced a new and unprecedented crisis. In the beginning, we were all very concerned. We were receiving contradictory information and restrictions were constantly changing.

Despite the confusion, we have made decisions that have allowed us to turn our facilities into a safe space for employees, which would not have been possible without their help.

Today, we can proudly say that our offices and plants are safe places; there’s no trace of the virus. However, we cannot forget that many colleagues have suffered, and continue to suffer, the terrible consequences of the virus, and we must support them and stay alert.

As part of our mission, we want to ensure employee health and the continuity of our business. That’s why we’ve activated protocols that are now ahead of the constant legislative actions in the matter.

Thus, telecommuting is now a reality. In addition, we’ve introduced other measures to guarantee a safe workplace. For example, we’ve separated tables and installed more screens. We also decided to ask people to come on alternate days to reduce the number of workers per day.

“Telecommuting is a reality now”

Our factory staff have adapted to our production needs. We also set emergency teams to keep production going during the most critical moments of the pandemic. We also set hygienic measures.

All our centres have provided masks and reusable masks with our logo and gels, produced in our central laboratories. We also offered separators and reduced staff. These measures have proven to be very effective to control the pandemic in our facilities.

We have also learned to manage our business by reducing non-essential travel and visits, thus promoting digitalisation.

Each branch, each country, has adapted to the circumstances of their environment and the virulence of the disease. The close cooperation between its members has allowed them to share and adopt best practices in an exercise in permanent learning and quests synergies.

Awareness campaigns have helped change the way we work and push us to adopt new habits, such as wearing masks, reinforcing hand hygiene and social distancing, which are now part of our daily lives. And yet, after more than 10 months, we continue to work on improvement and adaptation measures, such as the information campaign for managing contacts with positive Covid cases, rapid case detection, and constant communication and collaboration with employees to remain safe and protect our families and our business.