ADINS, for a more sustainable world

The Special Additives Business Unit works every day to develop and market a wide range of innovative, effective and sustainable products, namely: ADINS.

Our technical expertise, technological capabilities, and collaborative spirit have allowed us to develop these products, which show our commitment to developing applications that improve people’s lives worldwide.
ADINS are made from magnesium silicates and are currently found in various security-related applications, such as wire and cable products. They can also be found in the construction, transportation, E & E, or the textile industry.

“ADINS® is much more than a brand. It is a patented and versatile technology.”

We provide new functions and reinforcing properties in organic and inorganic materials through surface modifications and controlled particle growth.

This has great advantages, as it allows us to adapt and develop the products according to the market’s specific requirements. Furthermore, it also allows us to adjust to the different standards and regulations of the various industries in which we are present.

“Our ADINS® products show our clear commitment to improving people’s safety and health”



One of the goals of the firefighting industry is ensuring easier and safer evacuations. Therefore, it is necessary to improve devices and structures, increase their resistance to fire, and keep emergency systems operational.

In this sense, improving the performance of polymeric materials is key to saving lives in buildings, trains, or even in the field of electric mobility, where new and interesting challenges are emerging.

ADINS® Flame Retardancy is our range of synergistic flame-retardant additives for polymers, which act in current flame-proofing systems (halogen and halogen-free).

ADINS® significantly improves the performance of plastic components under fire conditions, enabling compliance with the strictest health and safety international standards, such as the European Regulation on Construction Products Regulation (CPR) or the EN45545 Railway Regulation.

ADINS® technology is a halogen-free inorganic solution with a minimum environmental impact and zero production of toxic fumes. In addition, with the use of ADINS® we have been able to incorporate key properties, such as:

  • Anti-drip effect.
  • Flame spread reduction.
  • Smoke suppression.
  • Heat release reduction.


But how does Adins Flame Retardancy contribute to our safety? Over 75% of fire-related deaths are due to the inhalation of toxic gases produced by a fire. Delaying the appearance of smoke to secure a safe evacuation helps save lives and facilitates fire extinction. In turn this reduces other risks and property damage.

As a practical example, ADINS can be found in the current High Speed Trains, and improve fire protection and the safety of cables.



ADINS® Clean is a range of photocatalytic products specifically designed to degrade organic contaminants. Their use allows obtaining self-cleaning surfaces by the action of ultraviolet light from the sun. Thus it is used in building facades and asphalt to remove pollutants in the atmosphere (NOx and VOC).


Why does ADINS® Clean help our cities be more sustainable?

Decontaminating materials are critical in terms of sustainability. Their use in urban centres, where lower levels of environmental pollution are a priority and have significant advantages. ADINS® Clean confers surfaces self-cleaning and decontamination properties for the following applications:

  • Paint & Coatings (inorganic and organic paints, varnishes, gel coats).
  • Cement-based materials (panels, walls, floors).
  • Ceramics (enamels, ceramic coatings, tiles).

Imagine roads that neutralize emissions from cars, facades, and floors that self-clean with sunlight, drastically reducing cleaning and recovery costs. Undoubtedly, the use of ADINS® Clean is good for our lungs and our pockets, helping to make our cities cleaner and more sustainable.



ADINS® Protection products are high-performance biocidal additives made from different active ingredients which are added in various materials for applications such as paints and coatings, textiles, plastics and rubbers, and more.

Microbial activity significantly impacts the durability of materials; thereby, incorporating biocides is essential to reduce costs and avoid cleaning, painting, and repairs in end applications.

“Our Biocides show virucidal activity. They are particularly active against all enveloped viruses.”

In addition to acting as bactericides, fungicides and algaecides, our biocides show virucidal activity and are particularly active against all enveloped viruses.

Furthermore, our silver-based biocidal products generate a high antimicrobial activity in low doses, thus allowing an optimal dispersion in the matrices in which they’re added.


The current situation resulting from the crisis caused by the COVID-19 has posed challenges, but also many opportunities, as aspects such as hygiene and disinfection have gained unprecedented importance.

ADINS® Protection S10 has proved to be very active against enveloped viruses, including the Coronavirus strain, Norovirus, Rotavirus and Adenovirus, according to EN 14476

The tests, carried out in an external laboratory, confirm that ADINS® Protection S10 reduces the viral load by up to 99.99% in short and long periods.

Our goal is that all areas of high exposure to viruses, bacteria and algae can access this technology.

Can you imagine how we could contribute to the safety and health of people just by incorporating our technology in hospitals and medical supplies? How would we increase safety in the food industry? And in public spaces?

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