We present our first sustainability report

Our first sustainability report

We are very happy to share our first Sustainability Report, which is a reflection of our commitment and represents our roadmap for sustainable growth. We want to advance the steps we have taken during 2020:


Embedding sustainability into the organizational structure of the company is essential to generate a significant impact at all levels. We want sustainability to be our roadmap and to really permeate all areas of our activity. For this reason, this challenge has been assigned to the Operations Department.


A rather rigorous analysis on the trends in our businesses, our needs as a company, and our areas for improvement was conducted in 2019. In 2020, the Sustainability Team took the lead and laid the formal groundwork, with the creation of our sustainability policy, our materiality analysis, and the definition of our pillars for sustainable growth.


In order to share our commitments, we produced promotional material, including posters and videos in several languages, while also updating the content of our website and social networks. We have also worked on the development of our first sustainability report, available on our website.


Sustainability should be part of our culture, and be integrated into our training plans. For this reason, we have developed an on-line training course for all employees. We have also created a specific sustainability channel in our social network, Yammer, for the dissemination and promotion of good practices.


We believe that sustainability should guide all our actions and, to this end, we have worked to align our assessment and compensation tools and HR, under this new management model. This means that all departments will have an annual goal, whose achievement will help us become more sustainable, and that all employees who have a significant impact on sustainability issues, will include this information in their job description.


In 2020, we adhered to the Global Compact of the United Nations, as an example of our commitment. We have also strengthened our environmental commitment by signing a sponsorship contract with the “Áreas Verdes” Association. Our goal is to create our own corporate forest in Madrid, participating in the recovery of an old landfill.

Tolsa responsabilidad gobierno corporativo

Responsabiblity in corporate governance

Tolsa personas para hoy y para mañana

People for today and tomorrow

Tolsa compromiso global

Global engagement

Tolsa soluciones para el progreso

Solutions for progress

Tolsa compromiso global

Care for the planet


In 2020, we developed an action plan based on our five pillars for growth and, in 2021, we will work with each department to turn each of the actions above-referred into reality. The Sustainability Team will provide support and information to align strategies and actions, with an increasingly sustainable model.

Informe de sostenibilidad TOLSA 2020

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