Our Values

Diversity, commitment and experience
Our purpose is to develop Mineral applications that improve the lives of people all over the world. Our international vocation and our innovative spiritare in our DNA and are a clear example of our corporate values.
Our values define, not only who we are, but also define what we would like to become. Our values inspire us to be better and better. Discover what ROOTS, OPEN, CARE, LONGEVITY and INNOVATION means.

These are the values that inspire us to keep growing!


ROOTS. Proud of our diversity. Tolsa was founded in Spain in 1957 and we have grown to become an international, multicultural and diversely profiled team. Our people are the key to our growth; day by day they lay the groundwork for building our future today with their commitment and enthusiasm.


LONGEVITY. 60 years of experience. We control the entire value chain, from extracting the minerals and treating them in factories to their commercialisation. This gives us a privileged perspective to offer tailored solutions to our customers. Their trust and work well done are the keys to our success.


CARE. Committed to the environment. We like to think that our work enriches people’s lives. Our mining and industrial activities are environmentally friendly and, as well as holding BSCI certifications, we lead Social Responsibility projects, focusing fundamentally on education and health.


OPEN. International vocation. Tolsa products are marketed in over 90 countries and we are continually searching for new markets and business opportunities to help us to keep on growing. Open means being open to opportunities.


INNOVATION. We innovate from inside. Being pioneers in researching and developing mineral applications, we understand that innovation is in each of us. We encourage participation by all our employees, valuing ideas regardless of hierarchy or location. This is the spirit of READY, our tool to make small ideas big.
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