The Project that Tolsa conceived in Numancia de la Sagra began in May, 2018, with the construction of a processing plant for special clays. This facility is strategically located in the mining concessions that we

have been exploiting in the La Sagra county for more than 50 years.


Tolsa Cabañas is most advanced and sustainable factory of the Group and is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

From its initial design and concept, the project took into account all the elements that could entail a radical

change with regard to the usual concepts of operation in an industrial plant, with a view to ensure the maximum flexibility in the manufacture of the final product, through a combination of previously

micronized minerals stored in silos, with additives that may be incorporated in the final phase of the process, with a significantly reduced manufacturing time. In this way, the generation of stock of the final product is virtually unnecessary.

The entire process can be supervised from a remote checkpoint that monitors the activity of the facility from any location with internet access, using a specific software downloaded on a simple portable device.

The manufacturing process is fully automated. There is no manual intervention during any of the stages of the process: from the unloading of the mineral that feeds the process, to the delivery of the product.


Our environmental commitment inspires us to continuously improve, as one of our priorities is to ensure a minimal impact on the areas in which we operate. This is the reason why all our factories are equipped with collection and disposal systems for the fine dust generated during the process, which must comply with our Environmental and Waste Management policies. The design of the Cabañas plant also contemplated the automation of processes, from the supply of minerals to the milling stage, thus avoiding the use of wheel loaders, and reducing fuel consumption, while minimizing both CO2 emissions and cleaning operations.

Finally, a liquefied natural gas (LNG) production plant was installed for one of the phases of the manufacturing process. This is the cleanest and less polluting fuel currently available.


Within this project, TOLSA will invest more than €8.2 million in a plant with an annual 3-shift manufacturing capacity of 60,000 tons, to be transformed from different types of clays from our own deposits. Despite being a highly automated facility, we estimate that this investment will create more than 10 direct jobs and 50 indirect jobs, thus allowing for the achievement of one of our objectives, namely, to establish partnerships with the local community for the management of different services linked to the normal operation of the facility.

With this project, Tolsa goes back to its origins, to integrate itself into the regional economic activity with the enthusiasm of the first day and the challenge of marketing products in global markets as diverse and demanding as Civil Engineering, Environment, Animal feed, or the Foundry industry.

Tolsa Cabañas was officially inaugurated on October 30, 2019. The event was mainly attended by customers, suppliers, authorities and banks. A reception was held at the factory, followed by a cocktail at a local restaurant, which attracted approximately 100 attendees. You can see the best images of the venue by clicking on the following link.



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