Politica sostenibilidad TOLSA



Sustainability and strategy

Our sustainability strategy is the framework within which we define not only the strategy of the company but also the day-to-day work of our people and partners.

It seeks to create long-term value by making the most of opportunities and managing the risks arising out of our environment, whether caused by governmental or legislative changes, environmental challenges, technological innovations or social developments.

Politica de sostenibilidad Tolsa

Our sustainability policy is based on:

Materiality Analysis
Our Sustainable Growth Pillars
Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

The pillars on which our sustainability strategy is based are as follows

Tolsa responsabilidad gobierno corporativo

Responsabiblity in corporate governance

Building a company based on ethical business, transparency and compliance, creating a management system capable of coping with any risk, defining commitments to combat climate change, ensuring compliance and improved labor legislation, and guaranteeing human rights in all areas of activity, by extending this commitment to our employees.

Tolsa personas para hoy y para mañana

People for today and tomorrow

Ensuring a healthy working and safe environment for our employees. Implementing actions that allow us to attract, retain and develop the best talent over time. Leveraging our diversity and inclusion through policies of equality and work-life balance. Understanding that people are not a resource, but our most precious asset and, protecting our employees in each of their stages in the company.

Tolsa compromiso global

Global engagement

Pursuing continuous improvement and establishing the communication channels needed to strengthen our engagement with stakeholders, including the communities where we are present, the commitment of our suppliers and responsible sourcing. Being a leader in our business sectors and sharing our knowledge and experience.

Tolsa soluciones para el progreso

Solutions for progress

Innovation is in our DNA and is embodied not only in our diversity of products and business lines, but also in our quest to develop the applications of the future by investing in R&D, and consolidating a corporate culture that encourages participation from every employee. We apply the principles of circular economy and we believe that new technologies are a key tool for our competitiveness, implementing at all times the data protection and cybersecurity measures deemed necessary.

Tolsa crecimiento sostenible y cuidado del planeta

Care for the planet

We believe in sustainable mining and biodiversity protection. We care about the efficient use of resources and thus work on reducing our environmental impact through energy efficiency projects and others focused on our transition to renewable energy sources, including new policies to reduce the use of plastic in our products, and reducing overall waste in our processes and workplaces.

Our contribution to achieve a sustainable future for all

As a social actor, at Tolsa we believe we can contribute to creating a more sustainable future for all, and therefore we know that our policies must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve our social and environmental impact.

We actively contribute not only through our policies and certified status but also through very specific actions which help to improve the health and education of disadvantaged groups and communities, thus reducing inequality and boosting economic growth, while tackling climate change by improving our operations and the activities of our supply chain.

A specific example is our Social Responsibility project in Senegal, which guarantees schooling for more than 350 children and ensures medical care for over 150 families in straitened circumstances.

Durabilité Tolsa
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