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Minerals to improve
people's life
Did you know that any materials or products can incorporate our clays, in either their formulation or their manufacturing process?

This is why we like to think that there is a little of Tolsa in people’s everyday lives. Do you want to know why?

Inside the earth, inside our lives.

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Industrial products

Industrial additives and products that improve the efficiency of materials.

In over 90 countries Tolsa offers a wide range of industrial additives and products which contribute high added value and improve the features and efficiency of the materials, processes and systems to which they are incorporated.

The basis of the reliability of the industrial products and services offered by Tolsa lies in the complete integration of all its key processes, which are developed in the 12 countries where it has operations: from the extraction of its own minerals and their transformation to their final delivery to the customer, always under rigorous policies and international quality, safety and social responsibility certificates.

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Pet products

Leading European manufacturers of hygiene products for pets.

We have been developing, manufacturing and marketing multiple products for domestic consumption for more than 60 years.

Tolsa is one of the leading European manufacturers of hygiene products for pets, a product which is marketed under our proprietary brands (Sanicat, Sanidog, Sanibird and Sanilove) or the brand of the large distribution companies that trust us.

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Special Additives

Special Additives to Optimise the Performance of the Materials.

ADINS technology leads to optimisation of costs and boost performance.

Tolsa knowledge enables us to supply products geared to the processes and needs of our customers.

The existing and continuously developed range of special additives is based on proprietary technology and sustained on unique natural silicates.

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