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Our innovation model is built on the following foundations:
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inno tolsa

• Our people

Tolsa innovates from the inside. We encourage all employees to get involved, adding value to ideas regardless of hierarchies or location. This is the READY spirit; our tool for making small ideasgreat.

• Culture

Our curiosity drives us to question how we do things without any insecurities and to be very aware of technological innovations that allow us to improve our processes and how we do things. Digital transformation is crucial to us. In addition, we foster multidisciplinary teams, focusing on diversity, to guarantee different perspectives in every project.

• R&D

We are constantly developing and launching new products on the market. In addition, our team of experts works every day to develop applications that can benefit from the properties of our raw materials and to anticipate future needs through new business opportunities.

• Better processes and services

Our goal is to help our customers to be more competitive while developing products that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Optimising our value chain, by including our suppliers and customers, is a key aspect to the development of our activity.

• Partnerships and alliances

We are pioneers in research and development of mineral applications and our technical service is based on the transfer of know-how. The result of this philosophy is the partnerships and alliances we have with research centres, universities, startups and large corporations.

Shall we work together?
We believe in collaborative innovation. This is the spirit of RADAR, our Open Innovation programme, which aims to create external alliances to accelerate the innovation process and together create innovative solutions in products, processes and new technologies. Contact us at

Research lines

If you have an innovative project and need a partner that is an expert in minerals and material efficiency in order to make it a reality, contact us. Together we can create the applications of the future!
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These are our areas of research:

1.- Sorption properties

2.- Rheological properties

3.- Functionalization processes

4.- Processing technologies

5.- New materials

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