Our history

Growing together since 1957

More than 60 years at the service of people
We are a Spanish company with international vocation and leader in the extraction, treatment and commercialization of mineral solutions. Thanks to our innovative spirit and our more than 60 years of experience, we have developed more than 250 applications that improve and connect the lives of people throughout the world.
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A trip through our history...

1957 - Tolsa was set up
primera toledo
Year of constitution of Tolsa and its first installation takes place in Toledo.
1960 - 1979
It is committed to research. In 1976, the first factory was established in Madrid and its expansion began. In 1969 the Angloespañoles Silicatos was acquired and in 1970 the company Hefran. It is constituted by Minas Torrejón.
1980 - 1989
tolsa francia
Operating units are created in Europe. In 1986 the subsidiary Italcat, Tolsa Italia, and Tolsa France was created. Also, in 1988 Tolsa Benelux was established.
1990 - 2000
Consolidation of Tolsa in the markets. In 1996 he acquired the company Steetley Bentonite & Absorbents, Tolsa UK, and Arbensa. It also carries out the acquisition of the Societé Senegalaise des Phospahtes de Thies (SSPT) in Senegal and the constitution of Tolsa Argentina. In 1999 Mabensa was established in Morocco and in 2000 Maprochim, Tolsa France was acquired.
2001 - 2012
In 2002 saw the acquisition of Mostert Absorbents, Tolsa Nederland was carried out. In 2005, the acquisition of the company Gordion, Tolsa Turkey and in 2006 the Honfleur plant, Tolsa France, was opened. Likewise, in 2010 the acquisition of Tolsa USA was produced and in 2012 the acquisition of AEM, Tolsa Turkey.
2013 - 2017
tolsa usa
Tolsa USA is consolidated. In 2014, the constitution of Tolsa Wyoming Bentonite and Tolsa West Coast took place. In 2016, Tolsa Brazil was established. In these years, Tolsa becomes the first mining company to achieve a BSCI certification.
Tolsa Patagonia Argentina 2018
Acquisition of Biotec and constitution of Tolsa Minerales La Patagonia.
Historia de Tolsa 2019 Cabañas Toledo
Tolsa Cabañas, our special clay processing plant in Toledo, Spain, opened in 2019.
2020 - At present
Tolsa en la actualidad
Currently, Tolsa continues researching product lines and leading the clay sector.

Our history, our people

Currently, Tolsa has an international team of more than 800 professionals of 24 nationalities and highly qualified. Our corporate values have a clear orientation: to continue growing.
and innovating.
From the beginning, our goal has been to contribute our grain of sand to improve everything around us. Since always, our essential motivation has been innovation. The confidence of our clients and a job well done are the keys to our success.
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