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At TOLSA we use cookies with the aim of making users’ browsing of our website more functional and useful. In this sense, and with the aim of guaranteeing the user all the necessary information for correct browsing, we provide the user with the following informative text on what cookies are, what types of cookies exist on our website and how the user can configure or disable them.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a file that is downloaded onto a computer device (computer/Smartphone/Tablet) when accessing web pages in order to store and retrieve information about the browsing done from said device. Practically all websites, regardless of the service they provide, use cookies, i.e. they store a minimum amount of information about the use made by the user of the website.

While browsing cookies will only be installed on your device if you give your consent, except for the technical cookies necessary for the correct functioning of the website. If you do not accept their use, it is possible that various functionalities of the website may not be available. This website uses third-party cookies

Duty to inform and obtain consent in relation to the use of cookies
In accordance with the provisions of current legislation, any website that uses cookies must provide clear and complete information about their purpose, and it is mandatory to obtain the express consent of users before downloading them, except in relation to the so-called “excepted cookies” for which it is NOT necessary to obtain consent. Excepted cookies include:

a. Technical cookies: these are those that allow the user to browse through a website, platform or application and use the different options or services that exist on it such as, for example, controlling traffic and data communication, identifying the session, accessing restricted access parts, remembering the elements that make up an order, carrying out the purchase process of an order, making the application for registration or participation in an event, using security elements during browsing, storing content for the broadcasting of videos or sound or sharing content through social networks.

Also included in this category are cookies that allow information to be obtained for the effective management of advertising design from a strictly technical point of view.

b. Personalisation cookies: these are cookies that allow the user to access the service with some general characteristics predefined according to a series of criteria in the user’s terminal, such as the language, the type of browser through which the service is accessed, the regional configuration from where the service is accessed, etc.

Examples of excepted cookies are session and user login cookies, authentication cookies, security cookies, media player session cookies, load balancing session cookies, user interface customisation cookies and plug-in cookies for sharing content on social networks.

The use of the rest of the cookies, i.e. those that are not exempted, implies the duty to inform and obtain the user’s express consent prior to downloading them.

Non-exempted cookies
Cookies can be classified according to different criteria. From a legal point of view, and as explained in the previous section, there are excepted and non-excepted cookies. Other classification criteria are based on the type of cookie management (own or third-party), activation time (session cookies and permanent cookies) or type of purpose.

The classification of non-excepted cookies according to purpose is particularly relevant. From this point of view, the non-excepted cookies used on this website are:

-Analytical cookies: These are cookies that, either processed by the owner of the website or by third parties, allow the party responsible to measure user activity on the website for statistical purposes.

Types of cookies

Name   –   Origin Purpose   –   Duration
gid   – Google analytics  –  1 day
_ga  – Google analytics  –  2 years

How you can configure cookies
TOLSA offers the user the possibility of managing analytical cookies, through the cookies banner at the top of our website. This type of cookie will only be installed if the user expressly accepts its installation.

In this sense, in the cookies banner of our website you can access “Configure”, in which case, you can proceed to enable or disable them, only the technical cookies necessary for the operation of the website will be installed. With the “Save settings” option, only the cookies you have selected will be installed. In the case of selecting the “Accept” button, all the specified categories of cookies will be installed.