About Tolsa

Breaking New Paths since 1957

We’re a Spanish company with an international vocation and a world leader in the extraction, treatment, and commercialisation of minerals. Our innovative thinking and more than 65 years of experience have led us to develop more than 250 applications that improve and connect people’s lives throughout the world.

Our Values inspire us to grow

  • We have people of more than 20 different nationalities in our team, and there is a healthy generational balance, which allows us to support our younger team members with the experience of the more senior members. Managing internal know-how is key to evolving our business.

  • Our mining and industrial activities are environmentally friendly, and as well as holding BSCI certifications, we lead Social Responsibility projects, which mainly focus on education and health.

  • We’ve been around for over 60 years, creating high-quality, tailored and innovative solutions for a diversity of businesses. Controlling every step of the value chain to meet our clients requirements and high standards.

  • Our products are marketed in over 95 countries and we are continually looking for new markets and opportunities to grow our business. Being open means welcoming opportunities, but not just from a commercial point of view. It also expresses our desire to support our people as they gain new knowledge, accepting that we will always have a lot to learn, as a company and as individuals, and that we must also share our knowledge and experience to become a benchmark in the sectors in which we are present.

  • Innovation is part of our DNA and is reflected not only in the diversity of our business lines but also in our desire to develop future applications through investment in R&D.

    Our innovative thinking also has an impact in our corporate culture, which fosters collaboration and teamwork. This is the growth mindset, regardless of the chain of command or location, thereby valuing everybody’s ideas.

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A journey through our history


Tolsa is born

Tolsa S.A. was founded and its places its first installation in Toledo.

1969 1979

In 1976 we set up our first factory in Madrid. That's when our expansion began. In 1969 we acquired Angloespañoles Silicatos and Hefran company. It's constituted by Minas Torrejón.

1980 1989

We established operating units in Europe. In 1986, we founded the subsidiary Italcat, Tolsa Italia and Tolsa France, and in 1988 we set up Tolsa Benelux.

1990 2000

The consolidation of Tolsa. In 1996 we acquired Steetly Bentonite & Absorbents company, Tolsa UK and Arbensa. We also acquired Societé Senegalaise des Phospahtes de Thies (SSPT) in Senegal and founded Tolsa Argentina. Between 1999 and 2000, Mabensa and Maprochim were established in Morocco. We also acquired Tolsa France.

2001 2012

In 2002 we acquired Mosert Absorbents and we founded Tolsa Nederlands. In 2005, we acquired Gordion and founded Tolsa Turkey, and in 2006, the Honfleur plant in Tolsa France opened.

2013 2017

Tolsa USA is consolidated. In 2014, we founded Tolsa Wyoming Bentonite and Tolsa West Coast. In 2016, we founded Tolsa Brazil. In these 5 years, we became the first mining company to achieve a BSCI certification.


We acquired Biotec and we constituted Tolsa Minerals la Patagonia.


We opened Tolsa Cabañas, our special clay processing plant in Toledo (Spain).


Up to today, we are continually looking for new product lines to create and opportunities to grow. We are leaders in the mining sector.