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Minclear SG62

Sepiolite with high sorption capacity


MINCLEAR SG62 is sepiolite in granular form with a high sorption capacity. It is obtained by a mechanical process which generates small stable 60/120 ASTM granules (0.12-0.60mm). This grading assures a good performance in terms of sorption.

MINCLEAR SG62 shows a good performance in the retention of different colour bodies, pigments and contaminants in oils or toxics in wastes, making easier, in addition, the handling of this wastes if in form of sludge.

MINCLEAR SG62 facilitates, specifically, the removal of paraffins, waxes and polymeric compounds from the coating of the copper wires, which makes it very convenient in the recycling.

MINCLEAR SG62 is also used as prefilter in solid-liquid separations to improve the lifetime of the main filter bed (zeolites, activated carbon, etc…) and as carrier of microorganisms in the wastewater treatment.

Fields of application

  • Recovery of copper from wires
  • Filtration of oils and chemical products
  • Toxic waste and sludge treatment
  • Prefilters
  • Carrier of microorganisms in wastewater treatment
Minclear SG62

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