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Minclear SG61

Granular sepiolite for filtration of liquids and purification of gases


MINCLEAR SG61 is a sepiolite in granular form with a high sorption capacity. It is obtained by a mechanical process which generates stable 6/15 ASTM (0,85-4,75mm). This grading is recommended for process which claims for a high filtration rate or if the reduction of the pressure drop is critical, as in the purification of gases.

MINCLEAR SG61 removes impurities and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), undesirable in different process gases as biogas or in exhaust gases.

MINCLEAR SG61 is also used as prefilter in solid-liquid separations to improve the lifetime of the main filter bed (zeolites, activated carbon, etc…)

Fields of application

  • Purification of gases
  • Prefilters
  • Filtration of chemical products
Minclear SG61

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