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Minclear SD16

Granular absorbent based on sepiolite for the inertization of wastes and sludges


MINCLEAR SD16 is a granular product based on a high sorptive sepiolite, obtained by a mechanical process, to obtain stable granules with a particle size below 5mm.

MINCLEAR SD16 shows a high surface area with many active centers, providing a good performance in the absorption of liquids and the selective retention of organic compounds, heavy metals or soluble inorganic compounds, so it is widely prized in the inertization of wastes.

MINCLEAR SD16 is also used as prefilter in solid-liquid separations to improve the lifetime of the main filter bed (zeolites, activated carbon, etc…) and as carrier of microorganisms in the wastewater treatment.

Fields of application

  • Inertization of hazardous wastes
  • Stabilization of waste sludges
  • Treatment of liquid wastes from different industries as lubes, detergents, paints or pharma
Minclear SD16

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