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Minclear N200

Natural bleaching earth for the refining of paraffins and waxes


MINCLEAR N200 is a natural bleaching earth based on sepiolite with a great absorption capacity.

MINCLEAR N200 shows a distribution of small particles with high porosity, very active in the retention of organic compounds.

MINCLEAR N200 removes soluble impurities, including colour bodies and other molecules which causes coloration in paraffins and waxes, mainly due to high surface area.

MINCLEAR N200 performs an excellent filtration rate and a very good dispersion in oils, paraffins and other fats.

Fields of application

  • Paraffins with low content in free oils
  • Waxes
  • Odour reduction in paraffins and waxes
  • Easy-to-bleach vegetable oils as sunflower oil
Minclear N200

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