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Minclear AC25

Attapulgite LVM for filtration of liquids and retention of undesirable substances


MINCLEAR AC25 is an attapulgite LVM in granular form with a high sorption capacity. It is obtained by a mechanical and thermal process which generates high resistance 20/50 ASTM granules (0.30-0.85mm). This grading assures a perfect balance between performance and filtration rate.

MINCLEAR AC25 removes the surfactants, traces of water and other impurities in Refining and Petrochemistry processes, especially in the Merox process for kerosene production.

MINCLEAR AC25 is also used as prefilter in solid-liquid separations to improve the lifetime of the main filter bed (zeolites, activated carbon, etc…) and as carrier of microorganisms in the wastewater treatment.

Fields of application

  • Kerosene production (Merox process)
  • Filtration of oils and chemical products
  • Refining of hydrocarbon distillates as isocyanates and olefins
  • Prefilters
  • Carrier of microorganisms in wastewater treatment
Minclear AC25

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