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Minclear E100

Flocculation aid for the treatment of wastewater

MINCLEAR E100 is a flocculation aid for the treatment of wastewater based on small particles of high quality bentonite, with a great absorption capacity and cation exchange capacity.


MINCLEAR E100 is specially designed to offer the following advantages:

  • Instant and homogeneous dispersion in the clear water.
  • Reduction of the process time.
  • High performance in the colloids and surfactants removal.
  • Reduction of the dosage of other additives as activated carbon or coagulants.

MINCLEAR E100 does not need the use of voluminous equipment for the activation and reduces the sludge production, saving costs in the subsequent steps in the treatment.

Fields of application

  • Treatment of wastewater polluted by oils, solvents or surfactants.
  • Coagulation of wastewater from electroplating industry.
Minclear E100

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