Civil engineering, Foundry, Paper and Oil & Gas


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CIVIL ENGINEERING: In the past 50 years a marked development of construction activities worldwide have been seen, continuously pushing the boundaries of applied technology. Regardless of the volume thereof, are increasingly faced major challenges in both dimensions, as difficult as runtime. TOLSA Group is close to you with individual solutions to your underground jobs in order to go a little further.

FOUNDRY: The foundry sand molds in green are the most used in casting due to its versatility and greater economic efficiency. These molds need to be sufficiently stable to maintain part shape during casting of molten metal and allow easy demoulding after cooling the workpiece. Our additives ensure the proper behavior of the mold during the various stages of production of the piece.

PAPER: The paper industry has been improving its efficiency, both energy and production in recent years , so have evolved the requirements of this application , both in quality and cost . Today has improved the functionality of the paper, by the use of additives.