TOLSA Flash News: Animal Feed – November ’19

New market news, trends, fun facts & more about the Animal Feed industry in our November’s newsletter! This month we talk about:

5 NEW REGULATORY CONSIDERATIONS TO FOLLOW IN EUROPE: Recent changes on the EU feed regulation have the focus on promoting health and performance of animals while protecting public health and the environment. Read the full newsletter below to learn what are most regulations related to!
WOULD YOU PASS A TEST ON CURRENT SIZE OF THE ANIMAL FEED MARKET?!: This month we give you some very interesting statistics about the animal feed market globally, to help you understand the industry better.
TOLSA’S NEW FACTORY INAUGURATION: This month TOLSA has inaugurated a new factory in Cabañas de la Sagra, Toledo (Spain). This plant is strategically located close to some of TOLSA’s mining concessions, enabling better logistics and consequently a reduction in the carbon footprint.

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