Inside the earth. Within our lives.

In the Tolsa Group we have extracted minerals and researched, developed, manufactured and marketed many products for domestic and industrial consumption for over fifty years. Today we are a company that does its utmost to offer innovative solutions that contribute to the improvement of our customers’ competitiveness by providing products designed to be included in their value chains.

We offer tailor-made solutions to satisfy our customers and to guarantee the highest degrees of quality, efficiency, capability and sustainable development.

We are present in the daily routine of people and try to provide their lives with greater comfort through our wide range of products.


Fifty years

Half a century has gone by since the inauguration of our first mineral processing plant for bleaching earths used in the clarification of wines and oils.

From that moment on, and in order to support new product developments, the Tolsa Group has obtained during its growth years impressive natural reserves in Europe, Africa and South America, including the largest sepiolite deposit in the world, large deposits of attapulgite and deposits of highquality bentonite.

Today, the Tolsa Group has gone far beyond simply mining minerals. In addition to its solid base of natural resources, more than 100 million tons of reserves, the Tolsa Group leaves the composition of its products open to any raw material in order to offer the ideal solution for the current and future needs of its customers. What has not changed in fifty years is our personality and vocation for choosing or designing products obtained by production processes that take advantage of all the benefits of the materials, turning them into high added value products for the market.

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