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Sepiolite and Attapulgite granules

High absorption and high strength inorganic carrier

The outstanding absorption capacity of the special clays of the Sepiolite-Attapulgite group, allow us to elaborate a complete range of carriers with granular shape with low levels of dust generation.


  • High absorption of liquid active substances.
  • They allow an easy handling of substances with trend to agglomerate and creating caking effects, particularly with dangerous liquids.
  • They improve the storage stability.
  • They allow the controlled release of the active substance.
  • They improve soil texture.

Fields of application

  • Agrochemicals and pesticides carrier (Insecticides, herbicides and fungicides).
  • Improvement of sand rich soils.
  • Flavors carrier.
  • Ambient humidity control.
  • Carrier for maturation retarders.

A wide variety of particle sizes are available, specially adapted to every particular need. Some of these are (in ASTM mesh):

  • 6/30
  • 6/15
  • 15/30
  • 30/60
  • 60/120
Sepiolite and Attapulgite granules

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