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Pangel OM4

PANGEL OM4 is a rheological additive based upon a highly purified bentonite clay designed for low polarity systems. PANGEL OM4 is recommended for both aliphatic solvents and mineral or synthetic oils. Pangel OM4 requires the use of polar activators


PANGEL OM4 is an organobentonite recommended for providing the following properties in oil based systems:

  • Decrease of sedimentation
  • High thickening capacity
  • Does not require polar activator
  • High capacity for thikening inverted emulsions
  • Control of sagging and dripping while improves stability.

Fields of application

Use of PANGEL OM4 as a rheological additive is recommended in the following applications:

  • Oil based concentrated formulations
  • Formulations based in inverted emulsions


Pangel OM4

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