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Pangel FG

Low dust self dispersing additive designed for providing outstanding suspension properties in fluid fertilizer systems


Clays in fluid suspension fertilizers have been used since the early development of this particular case of fertilizers. Sepiolite and attapulgite clays are standards for these markets since many years, however since some years ago TOLSA Group has develop a variety of different products based on both clays.

PANGEL FG is a low dust additive designed to provide high efficiency suspension properties. This product introduces some innovative differences with classic clays used in this field. PANGEL FG is a granulated self-dispersing additive that works being activated by the presence of small concentrations of cations, and particularly with Ca2+ and K+, ions extensively present in fertilizer media.
PANGEL FG allows:

  • Maximum suspension effi ciency using minimum energy for dispersing clay.
  • Low shear mixing.
  • No prewetting step is required.
  • It is not required the use of chemical dispersants as TSPP in predispersion.
  • In absence of electrolytes can be pregelled up to 20% of solids.
  • Feeding is possible from big-bags with low dust generation.

Fields of application

  • Fluid suspension fertilizers.
  • Calcium nitrate solutions.
  • Lime suspensions.
  • Pesticide and microelements suspensions.
Pangel FG

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