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Pangel B5

Rheological additive for low polarity systems

PANGEL B5 is a powdered additive with a high thickening and anti-settling capacity for low polarity systems, particularly recommended for systems based on both aliphatic solvents and mineral or synthetic oils used as vehicle in liquid formulations.


PANGEL B5 is particularly recommended to provide thixotropic, suspension and sagging-resistance properties to systems based on both aliphatic type solvents and mineral or synthetic oils.

PANGEL B5 shows high thickening capacity in low polarity systems without the use of a polar activator for its dispersion. Use of PANGEL B5 has the following advantages against other conventional additives:

  • Decrease of sedimentation
  • High thickening capacity
  • Does not require polar activator
  • High capacity for thikening inverted emulsions
  • Control of sagging and dripping while improves stability.

Fields of application

  • Oil based concentrated formulations
  • Formulations based in inverted emulsions
Pangel B5

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