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Pangel B20

Rheological additive for intermediate polarity systems

PANGEL B20 is a powdered additive with a high thickening and anti-settling capacity for medium-low polarity systems, particularly recommended for formulations with vegetable oils or that uses aromatic solvents.


PANGEL B20 shows high thickening capacity in low-medium polarity systems without the use of a polar activator for its dispersion.

Use of PANGEL B20 has the following advantages against other conventional additives:

  • Decrease of sedimentation
  • High thickening capacity
  • Does not require polar activator
  • High capacity for thikening inverted emulsions
  • Control of sagging and dripping while improves stability.

Fields of application

  • Oil based concentrated formulations
  • Formulations based in inverted emulsions
Pangel B20

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