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Pangel W

Rheological additive for water-borne systems

PANGEL W is an organically modified sepiolite in powder form used to improve the anti-sagging properties of aqueous systems as well as its antisedimentation performance during storage.


PANGEL W is a thickener for aqueous systems, manufactured through organic modification of rheological sepiolite. It improves rheological characteristics in the range of shear forces affecting sagging and sedimentation properties, while consistency is controlled.

PANGEL W offers the following properties in the water based paint formulations:

In the milling paste

  • Easy dispersion.
  • Development of controlled viscosity.
  • It enables formulation of a milling paste with a higher solids content.

In the final formulation

  • Adequate consistency.
  • Excellent sagging and synerisis control.
  • Good leveling.
  • Excellent storage performance.
  • Good brushability.

Fields of application

  • Water borne 2K epoxy paints.
  • Emulsion paints.
  • Water based industrial paints.
  • Pigment concentrates.
  • Silicate based coatings.
  • Ready mix adhesives.
  • Plasters.
Pangel W

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