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Pangel FG

Low dust self-dispersing additive designed for providing outstanding suspension properties in fluid fertilizer systems.

PANGEL FG is a low dust additive designed to provide high efficiency suspension properties. This product introduces some innovative differences with classic clays used in this field.


PANGEL FG is a granulated self-dispersing additive that works being activated by the presence of small concentrations of cations, and particularly with Ca2+ and K+, ions extensively present in fertilizer media.

PANGEL FG allows:

  • Maximum suspension effi ciency using minimum energy for dispersing clay.
  • Low shear mixing.
  • No prewetting step is required.
  • It is not required the use of chemical dispersants as TSPP in predispersion.
  • In absence of electrolytes can be pregelled up to 20% of solids.
  • Feeding is possible from big-bags with low dust generation.

Fields of application

  • Fluid suspension fertilizers.
  • Calcium nitrate solutions.
  • Lime suspensions.
  • Pesticide and microelements suspensions.
Pangel FG

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