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Pangel B40

Rheological additive for high polarity systems

PANGEL B40 is a powdered additive with a high thickening and anti-settling capacity for high polarity systems, particularly recommended for systems based on alcohol, glycol an ketone type solvents, as well as in mixtures of those with water.


PANGEL B40 is particularly recommended to provide thixotropic, suspension and sagging-resistance properties to systems based on alcohol, glycol an ketone type solvents, as well as in mixtures of those with water.

PANGEL B40 provides a strongly pseudoplastic character, producing high consistency levels without affecting viscosity during application. It exhibits its high effectiveness as anti-settling additive in formulations with high solid contents.

Use of PANGEL B40 has the following advantages against other conventional additives:

  • Coatings and paints: Prevents settling of pigments and fillers; controls sagging without aggravating leveling; high stability during transportation and storage.
  • Printing inks: Improves consistency and prevents settling of pigments.
  • Paint strippers: Improves stability and facilitates stripping action.
  • Sealants and joints: Improves wetting and suspension properties; controls sliding.
  • Others: Control of sagging and dripping; improves stability.

Fields of application

Use of PANGEL B40 as a rheological additive is recommended in the following applications:

  • Coatings and paints: Epoxy 2K, Urethane, coatings for lower part of car, zinc-rich primers, casting mold, coatings based on oxygenated solvents, nitrocellulose-based varnishes.
  • Printing inks: Those based upon high polarity solvents.
  • Paint strippers: Dichloromethane, DMSO, propylene carbonate EEP (ethyl 3-ethoxypropionate).
  • Sealants and joints: Polyurethane, acrylic.
  • Others: Vinyl plastisol, gel-coat, nail varnish, wash coat alcohols, glycols, esters.
Pangel B40

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