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Pangel B20

Rheological additive for intermediate polarity systems

PANGEL B20 is a powdered additive with a high thickening and anti-settling capacity for intermediate polarity systems, particularly recommended for systems based on aromatic and unsaturated polyester type solvents.


PANGEL B20 is particularly recommended to provide thixotropic, suspension and sagging-resistance properties to systems based on aromatic and unsaturated polyester type solvents, PANGEL B20 does not require the use of a polar activator for its dispersion.

PANGEL B20 provides a strongly pseudoplastic character, producing high consistency levels without affecting viscosity during application. It exhibits its high effectiveness as anti-settling additive in formulations with high solid contents.

Use of PANGEL B20 has the following advantages against other conventional additives:

  • Coatings and paints: Prevents settling of pigments and fillers; controls sagging without aggravating leveling; high stability during transportation and storage.
  • Printing inks: Improves consistency and prevents settling of pigments.
  • Unsaturated polyester putties: Improves consistency and workability.
  • Paint strippers: Improves stability and facilitates stripping action.
  • Greases based on vegetal oil: High thickening capacity; good stability at high temperature.
  • Asphalt coatings: High thickening capacity; application in thicker layers; sagging control.
  • Sealants and joints: Improves wetting and suspension properties; controls sliding.
  • Others: Control of sagging and dripping; improves stability.

Fields of application

Use of PANGEL B20 as a rheological additive is recommended in the following applications:

  • Coatings and paints: Decorative enamels, Alkyds, Coatings for lower part of car, Signaling, Marine coatings, Automobile priming Oven-cured enamels, Epoxy, Epoxy 2K with high solid content, Urethane, nitrocellulose based varnish Unsaturated polyester, Water soluble paints.
  • Printing inks: Naphthenic and aromatic oils, Vegetable oil Newspaper black ink, Heat-set, Nitro-based inks, Engraving inks.
  • Unsaturated polyester putties.
  • Paint strippers: Methyl ether propylene glycol acetate.
  • Greases: In vegetal oils.
  • Asphalt coatings.
  • Sealants and joints: Silicon, PVC / acrylic, polyurethane, polysulfur, acrylic, rubber.
  • Others: Plastisol and rubber, emulsions, gel-coat, nail varnish.
Pangel B20

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