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Cimsil PCC

Improving extrusion, early and final strength

CIMSIL PCC is a liquid additive specifically developed to give thixotropy, green strength and early strength in precast concrete.


CIMSIL PCC gives the following properties to the concrete:

  • Thixotropy.
  • Increases green strength.
  • Improves extrusion behaviour.
  • Decreases bleed and segregation.
  • Gives homogeneity and cohesiveness.
  • Improves surface finish.

Fields of application

  • Prestressed elements.
  • Slabs (Hollow core and Pandal).
  • Hollow beams.

Air entrainment admixtures are currently use to improve extrusion behaviour in precast concrete, sometimes together with water reducing admixtures to improve final strength.
CIMSIL PCC rheological characteristic improves extrusion behaviour giving at the same time high green strength to hold the shape of the element. The improvement of extrusion behaviour is accomplished without the introduction of bubbles of air in the concrete therefore, early and final strength is no impaired and when replacing air entrapping agent an increase in strength is obtained.

Cimsil PCC

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