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Cimsil FRC

Self-dispersing suspension agent for non-asbestos fiber reinforced cement

CIMSIL FRC is a super-dispersed rheological additive based in high purity sepiolite specially designed to be a high efficiency rheological agent for non-asbestos fiber reinforced cement based sheets.


CIMSIL FRC minimizes the mixing time of the additive, decreasing costs while assures perfect dispersion.

CIMSIL FRC allows:

  • Maximum suspension efficiency using minimum energy for dispersing the clay.
  • Improvement in the interlaminar bonding of the sheets.
  • Excellent surface finishing.
  • Optimization of microsilica levels.
  • Improvement in the VAT efficiency.
  • Good compatibility of flocculants of different ionic charge and molecular weight.

Fields of application

  • Coarrugated non-asbestos fiber reinfoced cement sheets.
  • Flat non-asbestos fiber reinforced cement sheets.
  • Precasting pieces: downspouts, eaves and elbows.
Cimsil FRC

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