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Cimsil CT2

Thixotropic water-retaining additive for type tile adhesive mortars

CIMSIL CT2 is a water dispersible powdered additive that improves the properties of powder tile adhesives while fresh, during its application and when hardened.


CIMSIL CT2 is a product specifically developed to act, at the same time, as water-retaining agent and as an anti-slidding additive in formulations of tile adhesives.

CIMSIL CT2 gives to the mortars the following properties:

While fresh:

  • Water retention.
  • Workability.
  • Absence of sliding.
  • Homogeneity.
  • Great adherence to support.

When hardened:

  • Adherence.
  • Improvement of open times.

Fields of application

  • Mortars with medium-high redispersable powders.
Cimsil CT2

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