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Cimsil A55G

Rheological low dust solid additive designed for mortars and concrete

CIMSIL A55G is a thixotropic powder additive developed to be used in cement and/or lime and gypsum systems. It is a low dust additive designed for improving properties in fresh and hardened state of mortars and concrete systems.


CIMSIL A55 G is a chloride-free thixotropic additive specifically developed to act as an antisagging/ antislipping agent, CIMSIL A55 G fully develops its rheological properties by activation in the presence of cement or gypsum.

CIMSIL A55 G gives mortar, plaster and concrete the following properties:

  • Avoids both tile slipping and mortar sagging.
  • Thixotropy.
  • Workability.
  • Decreases bleed and segregation.
  • Improves pumpability.
  • Gives homogeneity and cohesiveness to the finish product.
  • Improves the surface finish.
  • Improves sedimentation and stability of inorganic salts used in the manufacture of admixtures.

Fields of application

  • Rendering mortars and stuccos.
  • Tile adhesive mortars.
  • Self-levelling mortars.
  • Waterproofing mortars.
  • Repairing mortars.
  • Shotcrete.
  • Liquid admixtures for mortar and concrete.
Cimsil A55G

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