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Pangel OM8

Rheological additive for organic systems of medium polarity

PANGEL OM8 is a rheological additive for low to medium polarity systems based upon highly purified bentonite clay.

PANGEL OM8 is particularly recommended for systems based on resins such as polyurethanes, acrylics, polyesters, epoxy esters and alkyds.


PANGEL OM8 is an organobentonite recommended for providing the following properties in intermediate polarity systems:

  • Thixotropic and pseudoplastic effects.
  • Sag control.
  • Excellent levelling.
  • Prevents pigment from long-term storage settling.

Fields of application

Use of PANGEL OM8 as a rheological additive is recommended in the following applications:

  • Anti-corrosive paints.
  • Polyester coatings.
  • Primers.
  • Industrial finishes.
  • Road marking paints.
  • Bituminous undercoats.
  • Varnishes.
  • Inks.
Pangel OM8

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