ADINS Protection

High-Tech Additives Protection is a functional additive based on a rarely occurring natural clay doped with copper species, conveniently activated and stabilized, which introduces an advance antimicrobial protection in different systems.High-Tech Additives Protection is fully based on inorganics which minimizes the collateral effects in the environment.High-Tech Additives Protection is suitable for plastics, resins, ceramics, glazes, glass, mortars, and coatings, with high performance and long durability of effects against gram + and gram – bacteria, fungi and yeasts from low dosages.High-Tech Additives Protection incorporates an innovative technology, which allows using lower dosages than reference biocides, since High-Tech Additives Protection is more active and environmentally friendlier than other biocides.


High-Tech Additives Protection is suitable for be used as antimicrobial additive in the following applications:

  • Paints and Coatings (aseptic rooms, antifouling, powder coatings, food contact surface, wood bio protection).
  • Construction (antimicrobial mortars, indoor joint fillers, tiles).
  • Textiles (antimicrobial clothes).
  • Packaging (aseptic packaging).Sealants.


The dosage of High-Tech Additives Protection depends on the application and target microbe. Some recommendations could be:

  • Below 1%: Bacteria in cements.
  • 3-5%: Fungi in plastics.
  • 1-3%: Rest of applications.


Appearance Pale green powder
Presentation Paper bags
Particle Size (Dry) < 0,5% residue on 325 ASTM
Storage Conditions Store away from moisture
Shelf Life Best before one year from production date




This information is intended as an aid to users and is not in any instance to be considered as a guarantee or a recommendation of our products in violation of valid patents. The information has been prepared on the basis of our experience and current knowledge.

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