ADINS Foams 10

High-Tech Additives Clay 10 is special filler for plastic and resins based on rarely occurring clay as sepiolite. It is optimally modified to obtain the best performance in polyamides. It is also shows good performance in
polycarbonates, polyethers, polyurethanes, acrylics and silicones.

Once High-Tech Additives Clay 10 is dispersed into the polymer, the resulting compound is willing to be use in reinforcement and flame retardancy. Since all the components of High-Tech Additives Clay 10 are authorized to use in plastic with food contact, it is also interesting for gas barrier in packaging applications.


High-Tech Additives Clay 10 is suitable to be used as special filler in optimal polymers, combining synergistically the properties mentioned above in the following applications:

  • Automotive, Aircraft and Rail Components and Supplier Industry.
  • Other structural parts Manufacturers (patio furniture, tools, wind blades).
  • Plastic Furniture Industry.Halogen-free Cables.
  • Construction (wall panels, skylights/dormers).
  • Packaging.


Incorporate High-Tech Additives Clay 10 into the polymer, dry on dry, in dosages which depend on the application:

  • Reinforcement / Weight reduction: 7-10%
  • Flame Retardancy: 5-10%
  • Gas Barrier: 1-5%


Appearance Light cream powder
Presentation 9Kg Bags
Particle Size (Dry) < 7% residue on 325 ASTM
Storage Conditions Store away from moisture
Shelf Life Best before one year from production date




This information is intended as an aid to users and is not in any instance to be considered as a guarantee or a recommendation of our products in violation of valid patents. The information has been prepared on the basis of our experience and current knowledge.

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